Our Story

The Beginning & History

Irresistible Diamonds was founded and is directed by Miss Claudia Augusta Bompani.

Miss Bompani started her journey in the Diamond Industry in 2013, at the tender age of 19. She worked for a local diamond manufacturer as a sales representative. Her initiation into this fast paced, cut-throat industry was ever eventful with the multitudes of characters, cultures and risks that this industry attracts.

“I can describe my first year in this trade in three simple words. Shock! Awe! Pressure! The exposure the diamond industry brings you is almost raw and abrupt, it shakes you to your core and you come out at the end feeling fundamentally altered forever.”

Miss Bompani who has been taught the tricks of her trade – passed down from family and close industry professionals over several years, eventually decided to 
venture out into her own company.

Equipped with the broad knowledge, skills and experience, Miss Bompani founded Irresistible Diamonds (Pty) Ltd. Through her business relationships she had formed over the years she was able to grow from strength to strength and shortly after, founded Irresistible Rough Diamonds (Pty) Ltd in 2019.


Irresistible Diamonds is a trusted diamond supplier based in South Africa. We pride ourselves in being quality suppliers of melee diamonds from 1 mm to 4.1 mm with our larger goods ranging from 0.30 ct to 1.49 ct. Our melee diamonds are accurate in colour, clarity as well as calibration.


We purchase polished diamonds from local and international manufacturers, but have recently ventured into the rough diamond trade under our sister company – Irresistible Rough Diamonds who purchases, sells, and manufactures. 


Our diamonds have African roots – Its reassuring to the Irresistible Diamonds Group knowing that we are supporting local trade and industry by venturing into the rough diamond market. We have been able to provide our customers with an authentic African diamond. Reliably and ethically sourced, ensuring our stones are – Africa Origin.

Our Values

Ethical Sourcing 

Ethical sourcing is our moral obligation. We commit to sourcing ethically and reliably.


It is important to us that our customers understand that when they purchase our diamonds, they are contributing to the sustainability of Africa, its people and our diamond community.

African Provenance

Is important to us because it is our commitment to being transparent in our business practices, we commit to having our diamonds do good, to empowering our diamond community and ultimately ensuring our customers confidence in their choice of diamond.

The Vision and Mission

Vision – “To provide the world with a piece of African beauty that they can take home with them – The African Diamond.”

Mission – “To create an illustrious African Diamond”

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide our clients with diamonds that come from reliable and ethical sources, rooted in integrity, and which are of authentic African provenance.

These diamonds will support and contribute to the African continent and its people, creating a sustainable future for the diamond industry, and all the people it involves.

Our Purpose

How we will achieve it

We will do this by creating a brand of diamonds proven to be of African origin, supplying the local and international market with a diamond called African Roots in the next ten years.

Being based in South Africa, we will create an illustrious African Diamond by sourcing locally, manufacturing locally and having the diamonds African provenance authenticated through a process administered by an independent third party, GIA.

It is through this process of “local is lekker” that we will create our illustrious African Diamond.

African Roots 

We have our own brand of diamonds called African roots which envisions a transparent and ethical process from mine to market, displaying to our customers, the journey of their diamond.

Through our African Roots brand we are making a commitment to our customers that our diamonds and business practices support and empowers our diamond community, we commit to having our diamonds do good and ultimately ensuring our customers confidence in their choice of diamond.

There are many diamonds circulating in the world, but what can be said of their sources? What differentiates African Roots Diamonds from these? 

An African Root Diamond has gone through a process of authentication from rough to polished ensuring that the journey of the diamond can be seen for the benefit of the consumer who purchases it. Reassuring the consumer that their diamond is in fact – reliably sourced, ethical and of African origin. 
These diamonds are lazer inscribed on their girdle with the African Root Logo. Only diamonds with a complete rough to polished trace, are given the African Roots Logo inscribed on their girdle, ensuring the credibility of the product.

Diamonds Rooted in Africa. ” 

To find out more about the African Roots Diamond credibility, click the button below.

African Roots

What We Love About Diamonds…

Diamonds are unbelievably beautiful, the process of taking the rough form and producing this shimmering beauty is captivating. The value attached with this tiny rare beauty is unnerving.

In the manufacturing process the control and skills required, as well as the lengthy process involved in manufacturing a single stone is highly stressful and pressurising. Every bit of weight lost in the process is money lost placing a large responsibility on the people involved.

The amount of care and attention required to plan and produce each stone according to its natural characteristics is intensive. I truly have respect for diamonds, their prices, their rarity, and skills required, and the process involved.

Lastly we love the bewilder and awe that diamonds inflicts on their admirers. To comprehend the beauty they see in front of them, the rarity of it, and the value of it makes most people giggle and squeal with excitement, it is so enjoyable to see and to share with them the characteristics of diamonds and our trade.

What we love about being involved in the trade aspect of diamonds is the exceptional stones that we have the privilege of seeing.  The Fancy Blue, Pink, Green stones, or the exceptionally large 20ct fancy yellow or white stones. These are wonders that most people would not witness in their lifetime, let alone be able to hold it in the palm of their hand.

Our Qualifications

Gemological Institute of America – GIA

GIA Polished Diamond Grading Course – 2013
GIA Rough Diamond Grading Course – 2014

International Certificates

Arihannt Diamond Institute, India.
– Rough Diamond Evaluation Certificate – 2019
– Triple Excellent Cut Manufacturing Certificate – 2019

Rough Diamond Licences

– Rough Diamond Dealers
– Rough Diamond Beneficiation 



Gemological Institute of America


EGL South Africa


Jewellery Council of South Africa

Diamonds Dealers Club of South Africa

World Federation of Diamond Bourses

Rough Dealers Association of South Africa

Rough Diamond Dealers Association of South Africa

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