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It is important to choose a reliable wholesaler to do business with in the diamond industry – especially when it comes to buying melee diamonds. Why? Larger diamonds are sold with certifications that verify that the size, color, clarity and cut information provided by the wholesaler is correct, however this is not the case for melee diamonds.
If you buy melee diamonds wholesale, they will not come with certification records. It’s far too expensive to have each melee diamond graded by GIA—in fact, the cost is often greater than the value of the diamond. For these reasons, retailers need to work with wholesalers that are known for their honesty and integrity.

We at Irresistible Diamonds are credible, respectable and experienced melee diamond suppliers. Not only are we credible suppliers – we also give our clients the greatest value for money.

Our exceptional quality

Our melee diamonds are pure in quality.

Our parcels are free from overtones of brown or grey in colour, our SI goods are white and eye clean and we do not mix lower grade qualities into our parcels to maximise profits.

Our quality range: GH VS, GH SI, IJ VS, IJ SI
Accurately calibrated from 1.00mm to 4.1mm

No prerequisites 

Unlike most melee diamond suppliers who require bulk purchases for better discounts.

Irresistible Diamonds caters to all clientele needs. We do not require a minimum order, and are happy to work per job basis or with bulk purchases for stock.

Best value for money

Our prices are staggered from mm size to mm size.

Demand sizes are competitive in price
(in relation to quality) compared to the rest of the industry.

Sizes that are not in demand, are slightly cheaper for the retailer who may use the opportunity of the discounted price to be more cost effective for their clientele when planning CAD designs.

100% natural supply

Irresistible Diamonds only deals with reputable suppliers internationally who have more than 25 years in the melee diamond market.

Our goods are guaranteed to be CVD (Lab Grown) free. We support the natural diamond industry, and we hold our reputation as well as our clients in high regard. We do not believe in the unethical business practice of mixing lower grade stones or CVD stones into natural diamond melee parcels.

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