The True Value of Diamonds.

The True Value of Diamonds.

Irene Zisblatt Diamond Story - Irresistible Diamonds Group Article

Today I would like to share with you a story that had a profound impact on me.

The importance is not of the circumstance, but the symbolism. I came across a story of a woman who managed to endure and survive two concentration camps during the Holocaust.

This woman who was called Irene Zisblatt, was taken to Auschwitz at the tender age of 13. Irene had a unique story to tell that really struck me because of my close connection to diamonds. 

People always ask me why diamonds are so valuable, or they say diamonds are actually worthless. To me this is a story that coveys why diamonds are valuable both financially and symbolically. 

Irene tells the story of when her and her family were forced to leave Budapest in cattle car trains for Auschwitz. Before they left her mother had sewn her diamonds into Irene’s hem and told her, “These are to buy bread.” 

When Irene arrived in Auschwitz she was ordered to strip naked. Remembering her mother’s diamonds, she quickly removed them an held them in her hand. A soldier ordered everyone to hand in any valuables, but she refused and quickly put them in her mouth. When reaching closer to the front of the line she realised that soldiers were inspecting everyone’s mouths. At a point of no return Irene quickly swallowed the diamonds. 

Everyday Irene would swallow her mother’s diamonds and retrieve them in the lavatory until her liberation after the war. 

After her liberation she set the diamonds in a teardrop pendant to represent the tears and suffering she had endured, but more importantly that she had survived, and that she had managed to hold on to the last thing her mother ever held. This pendant is now a family heirloom passed down to the first daughter of the first daughter of each generation.

To this survivor her mother’s diamonds were precious enough to risk her life for.They were a precious item to buy her bread during wartime.

They were a precious anchor to stay strong, to have courage and bravery.

They were a precious and cherished memory of her mother. 

They were a precious item to buy her bread during wartime.

They were a precious and cherished memory of her mother. 

Most importantly they are a precious testament to “Remember us”.

The most striking symbol for me from this story is that the war had stripped Irene of her family, her home, her identity and they tried to break her soul, but her mother’s diamonds were a powerful symbol for her to endure. 

I am telling you this story because it signifies the universal true value to diamonds. Diamonds are the true symbol for endless love, devotion and history. They can endure as much as we do over time. They have an invaluable sentimental position to us. They are generations old and hold the most intimate of details of each of their bearers. Their worth and beauty transcends their physical substance. 

We at Irresistible Rough Diamonds believe that is very powerful, and that we are the vehicle that help provide each individual with their diamond for their precious story.


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