Polished Diamonds

Irresistible Diamonds Group purchases, sells and manufacturers polished diamonds.

Irresistible Diamonds buys and sells polished diamonds locally and internationally from 0.30ct up to 1.49ct, in GIA and EGL certificates. Of course it is impossible to have the perfect stone for every client, thus we accommodate by sourcing, if we do not have in stock. This includes special stone requests such as large stones, or fancy colour stones. 
We are able to pass on better prices to our valued customers because we are based in the wholesale trade section of the chain, and because of our sister company Irresistible Rough Diamonds manufactures rough diamonds.

Our stones are available for viewing upon request and we provide an additional service of custom made jewellery if desired. Below is our current stock available in loose diamonds. 

Our stock is based in USD, please select the ZAR to view products in Rands.

Our Diamonds

We can source a wide range of options. Should you wish to know more. Please contact us.
To view the stones upclose, please click the image to enlarge it as well as to view 3D videos.

Diamonds with African Roots

The selected stones below are available with the African Roots trademark. Click a stone to view more information about it and to see the diamonds journey from rough to polished. The videography of the diamond story will be available on the GIA Origin App for clients.
To know more about the GIA Origin Certificate, GIA Origin App and African Roots Trademark, click the link below.

Products coming soon!!!

Diamonds with Origin Certificates

Below are diamonds that have been certified with the Diamond Origin Certificate. Click on the link in the description to download the rough diamond V360 video and follow the link on the certificate number to view the GIA cert.

Alternative download the GIA Origin App (Free) and type in the certificate number to have the full experience of the diamonds journey from rough to polished.

Know where your Diamonds come from

We have made much effort to ensure we know where our diamonds come from and make this information available to our buyers. For polished diamonds purchased in the market, it is not always possible to ensure where the stones have been sourced from unless the diamond has a GIA origin certificate. The only assurance we are able to give, is the quality grading of the stones. Where we can, we include video and imagery information so our customers are able to view the diamonds available closely.

As a result of being unable to pinpoint where purchased polished diamonds are sourced, we created the African Root Trademark, so that the customer is able to follow the journey of the polished diamond from its rough, to polished, ensuring the stone is of African Origin. The diamond will have videography of the entire process.

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We supply a variety of Polished Diamonds

Our supply of diamonds are not limited to round stones, if you don’t find what you are looking for in our current stock availability, kindly contact us for assistance. Alternatively fill in the selections below and submit your request.

We will contact you as soon as possible with feedback.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

As a first time diamond buyer, I was incredibly lucky and grateful to have had the knowledge, passion, and integrity of Claudia and Irresistible Diamonds by my side every step of the way.

I received personal service beyond the call of duty, a very competitive price, a beautiful diamond which my wife loves, and great memories. I shall most certainly be buying my next diamond from Claudia, and would highly recommend her services to all.

Andrew Phillips Testimonial Irresistible Diamonds
Andrew Phillips

When I decided it was finally time to pop the question I had no idea where I should be going or what I should be looking for to get an engagement ring.

Luckily a friend of mine referred me onto Claudia from Irresistible Diamonds and what a fantastic experience it was. She started by teaching me briefly about what I should be looking at when purchasing a diamond, very useful to me as a first timer, and then we discussed what ideas I had about the type of ring I wanted. I showed her a picture and she was able to source exactly what I wanted even showing me a few different stones that we could use given my budget.

Not only was I extremely pleased with the quality of the stones Claudia sourced and the ring she made for me, Claudia herself was also very professional and extremely helpful making the experience that much more enjoyable.

Its funny, people always tell me I did such a good job with the ring, but in reality Claudia deserves a lot of that praise! I would highly recommend Irresistible Diamonds to everyone the service is fantastic, the quality is fantastic and from my experience the prices are much better than what you would find in a commercial store.

Just to add, I was so happy with their service I didn’t only get the engagement ring there, I got both mine and my wife’s wedding bands to and similarly it was also a great experience. Thanks to Claudia and Irresistible Diamonds for making it such an easy and enjoyable experience

Irresistible Diamonds Testemonials
Connor & Gabi Johnston

Claudia really afforded us the time and patience, coupled with great advice to assist us in making the best decision with regards to our choice of wedding ring for Jaclyn.
The quality of product is of the highest grade, I just wish I was a wealthier man so I could enjoy some of the highest quality diamonds on offer at competitive prices.

I would definitely recommend Claudia for a patient, knowledgeable service that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

We enjoyed Claudia’s patience and understanding when dealing with two people that want a wedding ring but don’t actually know what they want. In the end we remain happy with the ring we have purchased with the guidance of Claudia.

Keegan & Jaclyn Edwards

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that buying diamonds and jewellery can sometimes be a daunting task. There is so much to consider and how would little old you know how to make heads or tails of whether you are making the right decision or not. it is okay – we are here to help.

To better serve our customers we have included a few FAQs and answers, we hope that this helps ease any concerns you are experiencing.

Is it better to purchase a bigger diamond with a lower quality or smaller with better quality?

This is an aspect of personal preference. Do you want a bigger flashier ring or do you mind smaller but brighter white? 

From the perspective of investing your money into a diamond, there is noset rule which diamond is better to invest in, with the exception of fancy colour diamonds. A diamond of whichever colour and clarity, will gain value in the long term. 

Is fluorescence a problem?

Fluorescence is only problematic when it starts effecting the lustre and colour of a diamond, It tends to create a hazy or “milky” appearance in the stone. Not all fluorescent stones have this attribute and so relevance varies from stone to stone. 

Irresistible Diamonds does not purchase any diamonds with fluorescence that detracts from the overall appearance of the diamond.

What about delivery?

We are able to deliver nationwide with our courier services. It must be noted that shipments with a value of $10 000 or less, will be shipped through general services. 
Items with a value greater than $10 0000 require a high value transportation service offered by Brinks Global for security reasons. Otherwise they will be deliverable in person by a representative. Items shipped with Brinks will be collectable at brinks offices as they do not deliver to residential addresses. 

For international clients, an export of jewellery will be required through Brinks. A luxury tax charge may be applicable depending on your country. 

How do I know that you aren’t a skam artist?

The Irresistible Diamonds Group is a memeber of the Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa, The Jewellery Council of South Africa and the Rough Association of South Africa. The Diamond Dealers Club of SA is an affiliate of the World Federation of Diamond Bourse which is an internationally recognised body. Once you have joined any one of these associations, you are bound by their Constitution. Failure to comply results in an international exposure of your expulsion and on what basis. For any clients who would like to verify our membership, kindly email your query to Joyce at the Diamond Dealers Club of SA: joyceb@diamonds.org.za

How do I know if the price I am paying is a fair price?

The first thing to do is educate yourself on our “About Diamonds” page. In this page we educate the client on the 5 C’s, the frist 4 C’s play a large role in the pricing of your diamond. Cut. Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight. 

The next aspect is to shop around and find quotes from other suppliers so that you can compare prices with us. please NOTE – When comparing other quotes, you must consider the SAME quality of goods, inclusive of the cut grades. Esentially compare apples with apples instead of apples and bananas. There is no point in comparing a 2ct G Vs1  EXEXEX N to a 2ct G VS2 VGEXEX MB – These stones while they share the same colour, and size will have a compeletely different price based on their clarity grades and their cut and fluorescence grades.

How do I know if the diamond I am seeing matches the certificate I am showed?

All diamonds that are certified by GIA will have a lazer inscribed number on the edge (girdle). This number on the stone will match the number displayed on the certificate. The certificate for stones 1ct and over will have a detailed mapping of the inclusions inside the stone which you can confirm by louping (using a handheld magnifier) to confirm the impurities seen in the stone, to the map. Carat weight is also another way to check the correct stone to certificate. One is required to weigh the stone by itself on a diamond scale that measures carats. This weight must match the certificate but it must be noted that scales differ from scale to scale. A leanancy of 0.03ct is an accepted variable in trade. 

Why is this website based in USD?

Diamonds are based in USD, with the current volatility of the South African Rand we are unable make our stock availabe at a set Rand’s value, instead we have included a dropdown feature that you can select to convert the USD value to Rands at the live exchange rate. This Rand’s converter is updated on the minute.

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