Lockdown Offer

Lockdown Offer

Take a look at the absolutely STUNNING custom designs that we made up during our Lockdown Offer.

Thank you to all who participated in our promotion, we thoroughly enjoyed the process with you.

We hope that we were able to bring some delight to you with your custom designs during these trying times.

A stunning Oval Cut diamond in a 4 claw setting with round brilliants and pear-shapes descending down the band.
A classic Round Brilliant cut in a 4 claw setting with small round brilliants on the band.
A Round Brilliant set in a 4 claw with diamonds and metal intertwining across the band.
A Pear Shape Halo setting with round brilliants on the band.
My personal favorite, an Oval Cut surrounded by a semi Halo and double band, what a spectacular and unique design!
A Round Brilliant cut Halo setting with small round brilliants and blue marquise sapphires on the band, completed by stunning vintage metalwork.
A masculine setting with a Trilliant Brilliant cut, accompanied by round brilliants set in an “open” band setting.
A classic 6 claw Solitaire setting with a Round Brilliant cut.
Lastly, what would be the most nontraditional ring but the most interesting and naturally alluring – A simple 4 claw setting with a magnificent “raw” looking diamond. One is able to fall in love with the pure simplicity of a stone like this, a diamond in its almost natural state. Only Semi faceted and flaunting the natural beauty of its impurities.

What is not to love here! Amazing creativity! Originality! Diamonds! Beauty!

If you would like your own custom design made, contact us today!

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